Half-day course: Ergonomics training for mobile device users - cost per-head


This course is designed for any staff involved in mobile working - whether that is staff or line managers who are responsible for mobile workers.

Our course covers all the key areas important to employees:

  • How to work safely using mobile devices, including:
    • Optimal techniques for using tablets, smartphones and laptops
    • Setting up ergonomically - how to make best use of external equipment such as stands and risers
    • Voice command and dictation
    • Adjusting rest breaks to match working arrangements
    • Effective travel arrangements
    • Managing expectations of the people you work with
    • Luggage, bags and carrying equipment
    • Protecting your eyes
  • Legal basis for action - setting out employer and employee duties
  • Effects on posture and physiology from mobile working
  • How our risk management system works; what to expect from a good management system
Client to provide suitable venue. Mobile office can provide a venue if required, this will be under special arrangement and will be charged to you via a follow-up invoice.

Minimum number 8 (or minimum fee per session of £680 if fewer than 8 delegates attending) - Maximum number of delegates 15. Please specify number of delegates when purchasing course.

Contact us to arrange dates for course delivery.
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