Arrow - Tablet Riser


The Arrow raises your tablet screen and reduces neck strain.

The riser has two main settings; Typing and Monitor:

1. Typing setting - Arrow provides a comfortable wrist rest allowing you to type into your tablet keyboard, while it supports it at an elevated height and a viewing angle of 20°.

2. Monitor setting - Arrow raises your tablet screen. There are 2 height settings, each with 5 angle settings from 54° to 75°. These settings mean you can set your screen at a more optimal height, and use your tablet like a laptop - with an external keyboard and stylus/input device (but without the neck strain that you would get from using a laptop directly on a desk.)

Highly Portable
and Practical - Arrow folds flat to just 7mm thickness and it weighs only 147g (that's less than half the weight of a can of soft drink!). It has 4 non-slip rubber feet to keep you tablet safe and protect the surface you are working on.

Highly commended ergonomics - Arrow has been awarded the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award for its innovative ergonomic design and the benefits if gives to users.

This product comes with a free 5-year warranty - Repair or replacement of your Arrow stand if it is deemed to have failed under normal use and the problem is other than normal wear and tear, UV and/or heat damage (at Ergonomic Cafe's discretion), including all parts and labour. In the unlikely event that a product has been discontinued, a similar product may be supplied as a replacement.
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