Getting the message out about mobile working risks and what can be done to manage them. Our free guidance is available to download.
  • Detailed guidance and information on mobile working risks
  • Mobile working tips for tablets
  • Mobile working tips for smartphones
  • Mobile working tips for laptops
  • Exercises for mobile workers
Mobile Working Risk Management System

Mobile Working Risk Management System
Our risk management system gives you all the tools you need to manage the risks from mobile working and your employees' use of mobile devices. The package includes:
  • Management / HR policy template for mobile working and use of mobile devices
  • Detailed mobile working guidance document based on up-to-date research (full pdf version which includes a printable copy of our mobile working risk assessment form)
  • e-learning video – Video setting out mobile working risks and control measures
  • Online mobile working competence assessment personalised for each employee
  • Online mobile working risk assessment personalised for each employee
  • Regular newsletter - latest developments, new products and systems for making mobile work safer
  • Access to Mobile Office Ltd's LinkedIn private client forum to exchange ideas
This package includes 10 online competence and risk assessments. Additional assessments can be purchased with pricing based on volume.

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    Mobile Working Risk Management System – Custom formatted

    Mobile Working Risk Management System – Custom formatted
    We understand that some companies prefer to issue documents to staff and record risk assessments in their own format, to their own design etc. In view of this we offer you the option of customising our risk management system to match your own company branding.

    Customisation options include:
    • Addition and removal of questions
    • Change of fonts
    • Change of colours
    • Replace our logo with client logo
    • Additional customisations subject to discussion

    Benefits of effective mobile working risk management

      • Protect and promote employees' health and wellbeing
      • Streamline productivity during agile and remote working
      • Comply with legal duties under Health and Safety Law
      • Reduce time and money lost to injury

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