Product ideas and Social Media

Our Pinterest site contains a wide range of useful advice from travel tips to product examples. These are not endorsements though, we just like to bring ideas to peoples attention!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular tips and the latest mobile working products.


If you have a product for mobile working which you would like us to review please get in touch.

If we like your product and think it would be useful for our clients we are happy to post a review in our blog and newsletter

Research buddies

We are always on the look-out for clients or associate organisations who are interested in working together on research into mobile working. This may involve looking at your business and how you work, or it may be that you want a broader investigation doing into the 'state of the art' and how it applies to you and your future business plans.

If you have purchased our risk management system our newsletters will sometimes include invitations to participate in studies. Alternatively if you have any ideas then please get in touch right away and we can get to work!

We are happy to adapt our consultancy to meet the needs of individual clients. But we also believe strongly that useful discoveries and findings that could benefit others should be made freely available (anonymised if necessary!). This is something which ideally we would seek your agreement on.

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