This is where we get into details on a need-to-know basis! As ergonomists we have made our website and packages as useable as we can, but clients will have a wide range of different needs and concerns. Our FAQs below deal with some of these.

Renewals - what happens after 12 months?

When you buy a risk management package you get 15 competence and risk assessments included. You can buy more at the time of your initial purchase. These provide in each case a single assessment for one employee. If you have new employees during or after your first 12 month period, additional assessments are charged at the rate shown in our online shop.

However, if an existing employee needs to do a revised assessment (either because something significant has changed, or because your company has a policy to do a new assessment after 12 or 18 months etc.) these are charged via invoice at 80% of your average assessment cost at sign-up). Just send us an email with your employees details and we will issue a link to their new assessments. We will need this email notification from you before we can process and issue any new risk assessment reports.

Does this package apply to home working?

Our risk management tools (guidance and risk assessment) are appropriate for ad-hoc homeworking, i.e. for people who are not designated by their employers as homeworkers (home working is not written into their employment contract). If someone is a designated homeworker, their employer could apply the high 'optimal' standard which we set out for working with a laptop. However, in the first instance we would advise employers of designated homeworkers to apply the guidance in L26.

Employers may find that in some cases ad-hoc home working accounts for a substantial proportion of employees work, in which case again, they should in the first instance look to apply the guidance in L26, however our risk assessments could still be applied.

Can you modify / customise the risk assessments and competence assessment?

Short answer - Yes! We can add questions, change wording.

If you think of our existing risk assessments as a core, we would want to include all of it in a modified assessment because it addresses key risk factors, but we are happy to add any extra questions which can make the online experience even more tailored and specific to your employees. We appreciate that some mobile work involves using bespoke mobile DSE equipment in fairly unique circumstances, so we are happy to discuss this with you. Customisation does take time and it is important to get it right so there will be a cost involved in making changes - the best thing is to get in touch to discuss.

What if employees use their own mobile devices for work?

If an employer expects or allows employees to use their own mobile DSE equipment, the employer still has a legal duty to do what is reasonably practicable to manage the risk of musculoskeletal injury from work activities which employees carry out on those devices.

It may be more difficult for an employer to do this if employees use a wide range of devices with different operating systems. However, our personalised mobile DSE assessments address this by giving recommendations specific to each employees' responses.

Data protection and security

Mobile Office Ltd. is registered under the Data Protection Act. Our data storage and transit is compliant with EU regulations and the ECJ post-Safeharbour ruling. Please click below to download our short pdf guide. For additional information please contact us.

Why choose Mobile Office?

We fully appreciate that, as with any health and safety initiative, you want to be sure that any spending gives you the best cost-benefit that you can achieve. So you'll be asking why choose us?

Designed for how we work
- Our risk assessment and e-learning packages are designed specifically for mobile working. They are not simply an afterthought or tag-on to a standard DSE assessment. Mobile working can be a highly varied activity, with a wide range of different equipment being used. There are potential complexities and details which a tag-on assessment is unlikely to address, but which our dedicated package does.

Online assessments - Our system is designed for easy online access by both employers and employees. A mobile workforce presents real logistical challenges to arranging face-to-face assessments and training. Our system by-passes those challenges and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Experienced and qualified ergonomists - Ed and Sarah are both chartered ergonomists with nearly 40 years combined experience specifically in applying their ergonomics expertise in the regulatory field. As ex-Health & Safety Inspectors, Ed and Sarah have a clear understanding of what is necessary for achieving legal compliance, and as our clients you benefit from the security of knowing that our objectives are in line with your own.

Low cost - Once all the elements of our packages are factored in - we offer exceptional value for money. Although freelance assessors may in some cases offer a lower overall cost per assessment, it is highly unlikely this will include the range of other elements which you get with our packages.

Leading the way - We have spent upward of 2 years combined effort focussing on development of risk management for mobile working. We have dedicated ourselves to researching and applying our knowledge to create a system of risk management which is unique and leads the way for duty holders.

Hands-on involvement combined with online accessibility - Although our assessments are accessed online, we process the reports manually and check each one. So you have the benefit of our direct involvement in generating your risk assessment reports, without the logistical problems of arranging face to face assessments with your mobile workforce.

Scope for customisation - We can customise your risk assessments and competence assessments at short notice* - adding questions, re-wordiing them. We have in-house development capabilities which give you the freedom to do this, to bring your assessments in line with specific activities you want to address in them, or maybe just to help match it with your company branding.
*note - development costs will apply - contact us for further details

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