Musculoskeletal risk management for the way we work today

On this page you will find the components of the Premium Mobile Working Risk Management Package. These include our detailed guidance containing a printable version of the risk assessment form, your staff briefing, a process flow-chart, and details of how your employees' online competence assessments and risk assessments will be made available.

Mobile Office - Guidance Document

Our detailed guidance document provides you with the basis for action by setting out clearly the risks and control measures for mobile working. We have based our guidance on a wide range of reports and research, drawing together the most important and relevant information, into one document which you can distribute to your staff. If your organisation or your staff prefer to complete their risk assessment on paper, you can print out section 2 of the document which is the risk assessment adapted for this purpose.

Company Policy Document for Mobile Working

Our draft mobile working health and safety policy provides your company with a series of risk management aims, objectives and processes. These set out how we recommend that you manage the risks from mobile working. Companies can manage risks in whatever way they find suitable and compliant. Our draft policy document should be seen as a starting point for this, and integrated or brought into line with your existing health and safety policies.

e-learning video

Our comprehensive e-learning video covers the key issues in our guidance, and helps your employees identify mobile working risks. It gives your employees the information they need to manage and reduce the risks.

Right-click on the video to get the URL which you can then email to your employees.

We host our video on YouTube, however it is unlisted and only our clients have the URL. YouTube is a familiar and reliable video hosting platform but if you have any problems with viewing the video please let us know.

Online Competence Assessment

Once you have sent us the email addresses and names of your employees who will be undertaking this process, we will email each individual their personalised link to their competence assessment. Once they have completed their competence assessment, we put a copy of their certificate into your secure client drop-box, we email a copy to your employee, and we update your process tracker.

Online Risk Assessment

At the core of our risk management package is the online risk assessment which your employees complete. As with the competence assessment, once you have provided us with your employees' names and email addresses, we will email each employee a personalised link to their online risk assessment. Once they have completed their risk assessment we will put a pdf risk assessment report into your secure client drop-box, we will email each employee a copy of their risk assessment, and we will update your client progress tracker.

Client Process Flow - How it works

Our 'How it works' document describes how the risk management package works. This process flow sets out clearly what you can expect from us, what your roles and responsibilities are as a duty holder, and what your employees need to do at each stage of the process.

Client LinkedIn Forum

Be sure to join our client forum on LinkedIn. This will allow you to exchange ideas with other clients, compare risk management methods and raise any issues which you have with the Mobile Office package (of course you can always contact us directly about anything as well).

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Our regular newsletters will be sent out to you, for distribution to your team. Or if you want us to send them to your employees directly, let us know and we will arrange to do that. The newsletters contain news, tips and advice on mobile working. In due course we may even ask for some brief client report backs to help spread the word!

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Okay - I've accessed this page, what should I do now?

  1. email us the names and email addresses of your employees who are undertaking this process
  2. Take a look at the Client Process Flow
  3. Distribute the guidance document to your employees
  4. Check that your employees have read and understand the guidance
  5. Keep an eye on your client progress tracker
  6. Get in touch if there are any problems

We hope that you find the process that we have created, beneficial and straightforward. We value client feedback and we are looking to continually improve and maintain our products, so that you can be certain you are in the best place for assessing mobile working risks.


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