Who are we?

Mobile Office was set up by Ed Milnes and Sarah Tapley, Chartered Ergonomics and Human Factors specialists with a combined 37 years of experience working as Specialist Inspectors for the UK health and safety regulator – the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Sarah and Ed have found a growing demand across businesses, for support and detailed guidance on how to manage the musculoskeletal and ergonomic risks caused by the use of mobile devices for work.

Mobile Office was established to create a sensible and realistic
Mobile Working Risk Management System which reflects the needs of employers in the modern workplace.

We focus on two areas:

  1. Helping clients deal with musculoskeletal risks introduced by mobile working; reducing injuries and strain, helping improve productivity and efficiency, and achieving legal compliance.
  2. Helping clients optimise employees' use of mobile devices - to ensure maximum employee and customer satisfaction, combined with maximum uptake and acceptance of new ways of working.
Ed Milnes
Ed Milnes

Sarah Tapley
Sarah Tapley

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