Chartered Institue launches mobile working guidance

CIEHF re-launches Mobile Working guidance

Mobile device ergonomics and addressing the potential musculoskeletal risks is the area which we are focussed on. In order to help businesses we developed a comprehensive guidance document that includes a risk assessment check sheet. The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors has recognised the value of this work, and we are very pleased to say that they have re-launched the guidance under their own banner.

The guidance is updated and improved. Contents page contains active links to sections and the format is compressed and cropped for easier download and printing.

You can download the guidance from the CIEHF website, or via our own Free Guidance page.

Already our analytics are showing a strong level of interest via downloads. We hope that will mean that in due course general awareness about the issues and a proactive approach to the risks will become more widespread.

As ever - if this is an area which you are looking for help to manage, for example to advise on change management when introducing or looking to introduce mobile devices into the workplace, or to provide user training, please contact us to discuss ways that we can help.


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