Optimising how mobile devices are used for work

If you are looking to switch to mobile devices or make changes to encourage a more agile work style, we provide help to make that transition.

We use a range of methods to help you identify the most suitable ancillary or peripheral kit for your employees. Getting it right first time will help productivity, uptake and satisfaction once equipment is rolled out.

Musculoskeletal risk management

Many employers understand there are musculoskeletal risks linked to mobile working, but are unsure of how to manage it – for example deciding what management steps and risk control measures are reasonably practicable? What are employers' legal duties?

Our Mobile Working Risk Management System provides the support you need to manage the risks effectively.

Why focus on mobile working?

Mobile Working simply means any work activity carried out using mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops (with the exception of using a laptop at your usual desk if you have one). This is an area which has grown at an extraordinary rate over the last decade, and is still growing strongly. More people daily are using mobile devices as key or primary work tools. Our services help you deal with the significant ergonomics and psychological impact that can accompany these changes.

We help our clients to:

  • Identify the ergonomic and musculoskeletal health risks that your business is exposed to from mobile working and use of mobile devices
  • Inform employees about the risks from mobile device use, and what can be done about them
  • Identify and put in place reasonably practicable risk controls
  • Comply with Health and Safety legislation which is applicable to mobile working and mobile device use.

Our risk management package:

  • A template H&S policy for managing the risks of mobile device use and mobile working
  • Detailed up-to-date guidance on risks and risk reduction strategies
  • On-line e-learning video for staff
  • Online mobile working competence assessments for employees
  • Comprehensive online mobile working risk assessment for employees
  • Project tracker stored in your secure client dropbox
  • Access to the Mobile Office client forum on LinkedIn
  • Regular newsletter updates on the latest in mobile working research, risk management and products

Our vision

A business culture where technology is used to enhance flexible mobile working, without compromising health and comfort of users.

Our mission

  • to support businesses in effective proactive management of health risks linked to mobile working,
  • to help businesses optimise use of mobile devices to get the best from them and maintain employee satisfaction and engagement.

A busy year ahead: 2019

February 1, 2019
It looks like 2019 is going to be a busy year for Mobile Office. Ed and/or Sarah are going to be presenting sessions and workshops on the ergonomics of mobile working and mobile DSE at several major conferences.  We very much hope that if you are there, you will drop by and say hello - we're ke...
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